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GPTs provide the members "offers" which pay between .50 to $1 or more per offer. To complete an offer you must give information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address and date of birth. GPTs require you to input your personal information in a truthful manner, but there are ways to keep advertisers from knocking down your door or calling you at all hours of the night.

Phone Number

Get a FREE voicemail number to give out as your phone number. Anytime an advertiser calls you, and e-mail notification is sent to your primary e-mail address and you can listen to your message online, or check your messages through your regular phone line. It is FREE and saves you from having solicitors call you at home. is one option- but it does not have all area code listings.

Brring is a free phone number that earns you money! Simply link it to your home phone number, and give that number out for family and friends to call (or GPT advertisers). Every time they ring your home phone #, you will earn $1 for the first 10 people, and $.05 for every call after! Believe me, it adds up!

E-mail Address

Use your main e-mail address on the website that you sign up for, in order to ensure that you get all updates and correspondence from the sites. For completion of offers, sign up for multiple e-mail addresses. Websites such as YAHOO, Hotmail and gmail** all offer virtually unlimited free e-mail addresses.

**gmail tips- If you would like an invitation to gmail feel free to contact me- OR you can go to and sign up for an account on your own. Also, gmail has a little trick to it: one e-mail address can turn into many. For instance: can turn into:,,,, etc. They all go to the same inbox, but are recognized as multiple e-mail addresses by GPT companies.


Clear your Cookies! This is how the companies track if you completed an offer. When you click on the link from whatever GPT you are using, it has your account number embedded into the link. When the offer completes the advertiser's website places a "Cookie" on your computer, then notifies the GPT site that you completed the offer. Don't worry, cookies are harmless to your computer (unlike real life, web cookies don't have calories- bad joke, I know). It takes a few simple steps to clear your cookies-
          a) Go to "Tools" in the taskbar on the top of your web browser.
          b) Click on "Internet Options"
          c) Click on "Delete Cookies", "Delete Files", and "Clear History"
Do this between** offers and you will see a greater number of offer approvals.

**Make sure to clear cookies either before or after completing offers- NEVER delete cookies while you are in the middle of filling out an offer because it will cease to track your progress.

Another trick I have learned for clearing cookies is to download a free program called CCleaner. I clear temporary internet files and cookies regularly, but the first time I downloaded and used CCleaner it found over 700MB of files that were able to be deleted. After using program my computer sped up DRAMATICALLY! It is completely free and has no adware or spyware attached. Right after running the cleaner, I had several offers approve almost instantly!   

How many offers should I do?

Don't do too many offers at once.

Many of the offers look very similar- because they are. There are several companies that advertise several offers on GPT websites, and if you complete too many from the same company (such as Winning Surveys), they won't approve many offers.

When you are doing similar surveys from the same company make sure to clear cookies often and rotate e-mail addresses. You should stick to completing 10 or fewer surveys each day in order to optimize approvals.

How far should I go?

When doing the FREE offers, typically the response is to complete an offer "with intent to participate."

Well, what does that mean?
From my experience, and many members of GPT forums, intent to participate means to fill out the first two pages-
Page 1- zip code or e-mail address
Page 2- Personal info such as name, address, phone number, etc.

Typically I will only fill out that information at first. If the offer doesn't approve the first time, then I will fill it out completely.

You NEVER have to pay for anything on free offers- so when you get to the silver, gold and platinum offers, you can stop. You don't have to buy anything to get these ones to approve!

Here is a general guideline for many of the companies that provide offers on the different GPT sites:
*Brand Survey Panel - Submit 2nd page
*Consumer Expression - Do until you see message in black at the top that reads "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully... blah blah blah" There will be an additional survey beneath this message. Do not do it.
*Consumer Promotion Center - Submit 2nd page
*Consumer Beat - Do until you see message in black at the top that reads "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully... blah blah blah"
*My Elite Rewards - Submit 2nd page
*My Insider Deals - Submit 2nd page (choose one offer)
My Select Gifts - Submit 2nd page
*Net Panel - Done when progress bar in upper right corner shows completed and when you see "Exclusive Bonus Offer ...blah blah blah" at top of page. When you get to this page the progress bar will be empty again but you are done.
*Opinion Direct - Do until you see message in black at the top that reads "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully... blah blah blah"
Rewards Gateway - Submit 2nd page
*Savings List - Submit 2nd page (choose offer)
Survey Networks - Do until you see message in black at the top that reads "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully... blah blah blah"- Typically SN will only approve one offer per e-mail address
Winning Surveys - Do until you see message in black at the top that reads "Thank you. Your information has been received successfully... blah blah blah"- Typically WS will only approve one offer per e-mail address.

Keeping Track

Some offers require a Credit Card (CC) to complete the offer. This typically requires you purchasing something, paying shipping & handling, or paying for a trial offer.

Many of these offers do not send confirmation e-mails (they want you to forget you ordered it)- so it is a good policy to read the Terms of Service (TOS) of EVERY paid offer, and write down the phone number that is listed for customer service or cancellation.  Once you complete the offer, look for an account number or account name, and make sure you know what e-mail address you used to sign up for the offer. This way you can contact the company once the offer clears, and cancel your free trial to avoid further charges.

I use one e-mail address for all CC offers, and I usually only do one or two at a time so I don't forget about them and wind up paying extra money for something I'm not using.

***If you want to do a CC offer, but do not have a credit card, or don't feel comfortable using your credit card, you can always try purchasing a pre-paid credit card :)  You can get them at your local mall or online- just google or blingo "Pre Paid Visa" and you'll have a ton of sites pop up- Simon cards are good ones.

Are you doing more than 1 GPT?

Many people participate in several GPTs at once, which can get a bit tricky when trying to track offers that you have completed.  A recent development in GPTs is the banning of members who do the same offers on different GPTs, which is a cause of concern for many multiple GPT members.

One recommendation that many GPT users have suggested is to keep a spreadsheet with the GPT site used, the name of the survey completed, the date it was completed, and what e-mail address was used.  For instance:

 GPT Advertiser  Date Completed  E-mail Address Used 
 SWATcash  Winning Surveys- Lexus  12/12/06
 Deal Barbie Pays  Winning Surveys- Laptop   12/15/06 
 Wild 4 Cash  Coastal Vacations  12/20/06

This will help with organization of offer completion and will keep you from overlapping offers, and potentially getting yourself banned from all GPT sites. It (banning) has happened to others, don't believe it won't happen to you if you are not mindful about what you are doing.

What do I do? I have several offers pending!

This is completely normal for any GPT program.

Many companies give the GPT program several offers at one time. They are looking for unique information. If you do every one of the offers from that company in a short amount of time; chances are that you will not have a great approval rate.

To keep this from happening, it is recommended that you complete between 5-10 new offers per day- and try not to do too many from the same survey company. In addition to limiting the number of offers completed, make sure to rotate e-mail addresses.

If you have offers in pending that you really want to go through, you can re-do them, but try to limit re-doing offers to 2-3/day, and only if the offer has been pending for 2 weeks or more.

If you find that your approval rates are very slowly or most offers are getting denied, then it means it is time for you to create a new e-mail address or two.

Credit Card Offer Suggestions

Many of the Credit Card (CC) offers are very appealing, but do pose some risk ($$$ risk). If you fail to cancel a trial in time, or do not calculate shipping & handling into the overall profitability of the offer, you may end up an un-happy GPTer. Here are some suggestions to keeping you happy AND getting you paid for completing CC offers!

1) Use a pre-paid Visa Gift Card. You can buy them at your local mall, grocery store, or at several online retailers- SWATcash offers a $50 Visa GC as a prize- I've won 4. Here is a page that details several online vendors of pre-paid CCs.

2) Track all offers carefully. Use one main e-mail address for all CC offers and keep all confirmations!

3) When you first see a confirmation screen pop up, write it down as well as the customer service phone #. This keeps you from stressing just in case you don't get a confirmation e-mail address.

4) Read the Terms of Service (TOS) VERY carefully! Some of the sneak hidden charges or fees into the offer via the TOS- so take the time to read carefully- it can save you a lot of frustration.

5) Only do 1-2 CC offers at one time. Many people forget to cancel trials or send back samples (when required), and end up getting charged the full-amount instead of the promotional FREE or S&H only. By doing 1-2 at one time, it is easier to keep track of.

6) Check your CC statements carefully every month for unauthorized charges- this is to protect you. Some companies try to sneak stuff past you- so make sure you know what you are getting charged for!

7) If you have an un-authorized charge on your card, or you don't know what you may have ordered, make sure to contact the company listed. If they do not respond, contact your CC company and dispute the charges. I did this once and it turned out well- My policy when it comes to these matters is; it doesn't hurt to ask!

8) Check out the OFFERS TO AVOID- This section was compiled by several experienced GPT users.


It is great getting paid for completing online surveys and giving out your information, but there is an easier way to make money without having to go through the effort- REFERRALS!

Many people have made a large sum of money from getting people to sign up for GPTs. I have been paid over $1600 from referral commission alone!

There are several different ways to get referrals:
1) Friends and Family- These are valuable resources, just make sure to check out the GPT's household referral rules before referring someone at home
2) Add your referral link or banner to your signature in forums.
3) Flyers-I post them in my mailroom or at community posting places as well as on cars in parking lots or on doors in apartment complexes. There is a place where you can have .09 cent full-color flyers made if you don't want to print them out at home (Kinkos charges .45 cents each!). Here is the flyer that I use.
4) Chat Rooms-I go to rooms that have money discussions & post- Don't SPAM- this is not encouraged. Become a member of the chat community, then throw out your link in money discussions OR attach it to your signature.
5) MySpace or Xanga-I post bulletins and created my own survey webpage in the money section
6) Contact a local newspaper and place a classified ad
7) Here is the e-mail I send to all of my Treasure Trooper referrals- this can be modified for most GPTs.
8) Use the VistaPrint offer on many GPT sites and you can get free business cards AND get paid for ordering them! Have them on hand in case you talk to someone who has questions!
9) Take your check into the bank. Several bank tellers look at the unique checks that GPTs print, and tend to strike up conversations about the programs! Make sure to have your info handy so you can convince them to sign up!
10) CREATE A WEBSITE for free for advertisement purposes- Example: My Treasure Trooper Website
11) Link Referral sites like:

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