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Avoid These Offers

If you did an offer and you:

1) Never Got Paid
2) Never Got the Product You Ordered
3) Got Overcharged
4) Continued to Get Charged AFTER You Cancelled

Please let me know and I will post it here, so others do not have to
deal with the same problems that you did.
OR- just type them in the box below, and let me know
what the website is, and I will add them to the list below.

DermFX - The company's cancellation number doesn't work,  their cancellation 'link' doesn't work either, and they do not return e-mails. After attempting to cancel the trial, they continue to charge your card, and the only way to stop it is to dispute with your CC company. BAD! 

Bank Card University -  completed (what was supposed to be) a 30 day trial offer for Bank Card University on 5/23/07 and canceled on 6/1/07.  There was a strange charge on my PayPal account that evening in the amount of $39.95.  I was not sure who the charge was from, it said it was from Dr. *, or something like that.  I waited till the following Monday, the 4th, checked again and it was cleared as a charge from Bank Card University.  I immediately called the company and told them that I had canceled on the 1st.  They said that my trial was over on the 31st of May and I canceled too late.  I explained to the gentleman that it was supposed to be a 30 day trial.  Right then, no questions asked, he told me he would refund the money and it would take 3-10 business days.  It hasn't been long enough to get the refund, but I thought it was funny the moment I mentioned that it was a 30 day, he said nothing except he would get me a refund.  I will let you know if I don't get the refund.  Trial offerers need to be aware that this company charged me way before the cancellation date!   

Hoodia 2.0 - Does not send the product, but charges you full-price. Even after acknowledging their error, they take FOREVER to refund and hassle you about it!

Hydra Lift - Poor customer service. Does not notify you that you have to return the product once you cancel, then charges you full-price.

Panda Research - Although completing this offer for money is ok, don't waste your time doing surveys on the website. You have to reach $100 before you get paid, and many of the surveys you do never credit.

Quickbooks- This website provides little support and is very difficult to get in contact with. Most members find after they sign up that the company "has no record" of their membership.